About RootsGoods Nursery

We have 60 varieties of plants which contains aromatic, endangered and medicinal plants. Aromatic plants are special kind of plants used for their aroma and flavor. Aromatic compounds are present in roots, barks, seeds, flowers etc. Most of our nursery plants are used for medicinal purposes. Some of the plants are Agase( Sesbenia grandiflora), Kachora (Curcuma zedoaria), Karpuralakki (Coleus amboinicus) etc.

Securing Sustainability: Indian Agriculture

Sustainability is the combined confluence of the technological, social and innovations in agriculture. Sustainability is essential in innovations. Innovation is successful if it retains social, economic and environmental sustainability. UAV/drone is a new and emerging technology. It provides the platform for communication, interaction and coordination in the various factors in the sustainability of agriculture.