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Crop Grading Figure. AI based crop grading system identifying black fungus in maize kernels.

Crop Grading

We address inefficient crop health and grading issues to increase yield for the farmers and to improve the negotiation accountability for the farmers and buyers, by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for:

  • Grading the farm produce to maintain its quality using the control and sample image database provided by the farmers on user basis.
  • Plant or crop health using AI based pest and health solution from our inventory database as per the requirement of the farmers.

Market Access

Farmers and Buyers both, in addition to Logistics all are facilitated by our market access platform, to:

  • Select produce from the nearest or feasible farm.
  • Negotiate price based on the grade of the produce.
  • Order and sell the produce with billing.
  • Transport and deliver the order with our uberised tracking system.

Market Access Figure. Example snapshot from our Map and Track uberised system for the delivery after the order process.

How do we provide these services?

From Our Mobile Application

From Our Hand-Held Device

Farm to Market

Weather and market tailored information to tackle harvest and market pipeline issues.

Crop grading.

Future price prediction.

Negotiating price, selling, billing, and transportation.

In addition to Mobile Application

Same functions as mobile application with the addition of warehouse management.

Storage management and storage capacity.

Bar code print, track, and billing.

Microclimate monitoring of the warehouse including phone calls.

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Deep analytical solutions as a Consultant to individuals or companies for your farming needs.

We offer farm-management, energy-management, carbon certification and more.