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We provide interactive digital platform for our registered farmers to grade crops using artificial intelligence to negotiate, sell and transport the agri-commodities from their farms till the buyers’ address. We focus on Maize and Moringa Oleifera, along with various seasonal fruits.

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Our Core Work & Services

Crop Grading

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Market Accessibility

Agriculture and market-based services for farmers, with grading facility using Artificial Intelligence to farmers and buyers, and market access to farmers along with uberised logistics to buyers.

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  • Farmer-Centric – farmers receive all services for free-of-cost.
  • Tech Oriented – Technology to facilitate farmers’, buyers’ and logistics’ work.
  • Social Impact – Focus on society’s livelihood, wellbeing and sustainability.

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The Farm-to-Table concept with our registered farmers is a social initiative which ensures local sourcing of the food for your consumption. We keep in mind the native-nature of the food, sustainability in terms of carbon emission, life-cycle-analysis of food and packaging, and improved livelihood of the farmers. In addition, we ensure freshness, health and quality of the food for your wellbeing. Feel proud to support your local farmers. Our new initiative in the future will allow you to dine-in at our farmers’ kitchen for you to experience authentic food culture of their native with a perfect skip for you from the urban-hustle of restaurants to the rural uniqueness for some quality food.

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RootsGoods Local

Local farmers, local produce, and for local buyers.


RootsGoods Nursery

Kitchen garden facility with native medicinal plants.


RootsGoods Nutrition

Retail products with focus on high-nutritional value.

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Our Farms

The Operation of our Farms.
Sustainable. Scientific. Cosmic.

We have more than 4500 registered farmers with more than 5500 acres of land. Most of our farms are located in Karnataka state of India along with neighbouring states Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. In addition to the technology based management of our farms, we also continuously visit them to ensure qualitative development of these lands and their farmers.

  • What we receive in farm visits –
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Technical feedback
  • Personal touch
  • Sustainable relationship
  • What we share in farm visits –
  • Scientific feedback
  • In-situ services
  • Quality Control tools
  • Assurance & Insurance

Our Partners & Incubators

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